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Porrino opened a presentation to Willingboro High School students on Wednesday afternoon with a story about his son, a high school junior. Porrino told the group of about 30 students that he asked his son, who had recently taken driver's education, what he would do if he were pulled over for a traffic stop. The teen, Porrino said, would immediately get out of the vehicle. Wrong answer. It reaffirmed to Porrino that there was a need to inform drivers about proper protocol at traffic stops. More: Marlton doctor's license permanently revoked Porrino’s office launched the statewide “Safe Stop” initiative in November. The AG’s website says the program “takes the next step by providing information for the general public about what to do, and what not to do, during a traffic stop, to ensure that all stops are safe and fair.” Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina joined the presentation and participated in a question-and-answer session after showing a short video, which included public service announcements from NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, former New York Giants linebacker Jessie Armstead, several Camden County police officers, a Newark pastor and a Montclair law enforcement detective. “It’s really very simple,” said Porrino, who plans to retire when his term ends next week. “As Attorney General in New Jersey, I have the authority to tell police what to do. We can mandate training and we do. Every year now in New Jersey, year in and year out, police must be trained in issues like de-escalation, cultural awareness and implicit bias.

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